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콜로퀴움 개설 학기를 선택해주세요.
Astronomy Colloquium (2017 Fall Semester)
    - Place : Astronomy Seminar Room (Bldg. 19, Room 212)
    - Time : 16:15 pm (refreshment served at 17:15, Bldg. 19, Room 304)
    - Contact : Prof. Sascha Trippe (Tel: 02-880-6611 / e-mail: trippe(at)astro.snu.ac.kr)
Date Speaker Title Remarks
Sep 07 Ji-Yeon Seok
(NAOC China)
PAH emission in protoplanetary disks
Sep 14 Jeongwoo Lee
(Astronomy program, SNU)
The Total Solar Eclipse in 2017
Sep 21 Sang Gak Lee
(College of Natural Sciences, SNU)
Spectroscopic Observation with NYSC 1 m Telescope
Sep 28 David Parkinson
Tests of fifth forces using large-scale structure
Oct 05/Oct 12 [Chuseok]/[KAS Fall Meeting]
Oct 17 Tali Palma
(UAB Santiago, Chile)
VVV Survey and Milky Way Globular Clusters Tuesday
Oct 19 Nai-Hwa Chen
Energetic particles at the Sun
Oct 26 Roberto Decarli
(INAF, Italy)
The interstellar medium at high redshift
Nov 02 Christophe Pichon
(IAP, France)
Connecting Large Scale Structures to Galaxy morphology
Nov 09 Northrup Grumman Korea James Webb Space Telescope Roadshow
Nov 16 Hyunseok Jung
(SNU Physics Department)
From Schrödinger's Cat to Quantum Information Technology
Nov 23 Seon-Hee Seo
(SNU Physics Department)
Neutrinos Oscillations: Past, Present and Future
Nov 30 Nobuo Arimoto
A Hyper Suprime-Cam View of the Interacting Galaxies of the M81 Group – Structures and Stellar Populations
Dec 07 Taysun Kimm
(Yonsei University)
Modeling stellar feedback in galaxy formation simulations: where do we stand?
Jan 10 Paul Yun
(NASA Ambassador)
NASA Planetary Science Division Vision 2050 wednesday