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Astronomy Colloquium (2019 Fall Semester)

* Date
Nov. 14
* Speaker
Dr. Jinhee Lee (Kyung Hee Univ.)
* Title
Introduction to nearby young stellar moving groups
* Abstract

Nearby young moving groups (NYMGs hereafter) are loose stellar associations located within 100 pc of the Sun with ages of 5-100 Myr. NYMGs are unique objects in astronomy because of their proximity and young age. NYMG members are prime targets for exoplanet imaging, useful in calibrating age-dating methods and in studying the evolution of low-mass stars. The importance of NYMGs has motivated the intensive search for their members. The identification of NYMG members requires the kinematics and age information of stars. An NYMG membership probability calculation code based on Bayesian inference (BANYAN) has become a standard in numerical calculations of NYMG membership probability. In this talk, I will introduce NYMGs and an upgraded membership calculation code (BAMG) using improved models of NYMGs and field stars. Utilizing this code, we re-evaluated memberships of previously known NYMG members and identified low-mass candidate members from Gaia DR2. Preliminary follow-up observation results will be presented as well. One of the issues in NYMG studies is the ambiguity of identified NYMGs, which can be solved by utilizing machine learning methods. I will also present a preliminary result of the machine learning analysis of NYMGs.