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Astronomy Colloquium (2019 Fall Semester)

* Date
Oct. 2
* Speaker
Dr. Jeongwoo Lee (New Jersey Institute of Technology/ ISS, Shandong Univ.)
* Title
EUV and Microwave Studies of a Circular-Ribbon Solar Flare
* Abstract

One reason for studying the Sun is that our Sun is so dynamic and occasionally launches the largest eruptions in the solar system to directly influence upon our modern high-tech society. In this regard, understanding physics behind solar eruptions becomes more important than ever. Solar astronomers often take an approach to measure motions of flaring ribbons in the low solar atmosphere and use them to infer the enigmatic phenomenon of magnetic reconnection taking place in the corona. While a community-wide effort goes on to establish the standard model for solar eruption based the commonly observed two ribbon flares, another type of flares with circularly shaped ribbons are discovered and their atypical behaviors attract many studies. It turns out that the circular ribbon flares occur in a special magnetic configuration to present a truly three-dimensional magnetic reconnection. This talk will show our recent works on a circular ribbon flare with new tools available from EUV and microwave observations, which helped us to learn more about solar eruption.