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콜로퀴움 개설 학기를 선택해주세요.
Astronomy Colloquium (2021 Spring Semester)
    - Place : Zoom
    - Time : 16:00 pm on Thursdays (no refreshment served)
    - Contact : Prof. Sascha Trippe (Tel: 02-880-6611 / e-mail: trippe(at)astro.snu.ac.kr)
Date Speaker Title Remarks
Mar 11 - -
Mar 18 - -
Mar 25 - -
Apr 01 - -
Apr 08 - -
Apr 15 - KAS Spring Meeting
Apr 22 Dr. Christian Wolf
(Australian National University)
The SkyMapper Southern Survey and the bright end of the high-redshift QSO population
Apr 29 Dr. Seo-Won Chang(SNU ARC) SkyMapper Optical Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Triggers and OzGrav2.0
May 06 Prof. Otto van Koert(SNU Dept. of Mathematics) Mathematics and the three-body problem
May 13 Dr. Jongho Park(ASIAA Taipei) Magnetic field structure near the event horizon of the M87 black hole
May 20 Dr. Natascha M. Forster Schreiber(MPE Garching) Galaxy Evolution at the Peak Epoch of Cosmic Star Formation: Witnessing In-situ the Growth and Transformations of Young Galaxies
May 27 Prof. Woojin Kwon
(SNU College of Education)
Magnetic fields of star formation revealed on the intermediate and small scales Talk in Korean
Jun 03 Dr. Minju Lee(MPE Garching) Cold gas in high-redshift galaxies
Jun 10 Dr. Jongsuk Hong(KASI) Stellar dynamics - the complexity of stellar populations and their numerical interpretations
Jun 17 Prof. Kimtake Hayasaki(Chungbuk National University) Neutrino emissions from tidal disruption events Special colloquium (after end of semester)