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Astronomy Colloquium (2022 Spring Semester)
    - Place : Zoom or Astronomy Seminar Room (Bldg. 19, Room 212)
    - Time : 16:00 pm on Thursdays (no refreshment served)
    - Contact : Prof. Jong-Hak Woo (Tel: 02-880-4231 / e-mail: woo(at)astro.snu.ac.kr)
Date Speaker Title Remarks
Mar 3 - orientation
Mar 10 - 박사후연구원 / 연구교수 소개 (post-doc / research professor day)
Mar 17 Dr. Hyunsung D. Jun (Sejong Fellow SNU)
A Comprehensive View on Active Galaxies from Infrared Observations
Mar 24 Dr. Carlos Eduardo Contreras Peña(서울대학교/경희대학교) Variability in Young Stellar Objects
Mar 31 - No Colloquium
Apr 7 Prof. Stephan Appleby(APCTP) Extracting Cosmological Information from the Topology of Large Scale Structure
Apr 14 - 제 105차 한국천문학회
Apr 21 Dr. Jun-Sung Moon(Yonsei University) Evolution of Galaxy Pairs Induced by Both Gravitational and Hydrodynamic Interactions
Apr 28 Dr. Yoshiki Toba(NAOJ) Multi-wavelength view of dust-obscured AGN
May 5 - 어린이날
May 12 - 6월 9일로 연기
May 19 Prof. Jon Lawrence(AAO) Astronomy Instrumentation at the AAO
May 26 Shu Wang(SNU Science Fellow) Investigating the high-luminosity end of the H beta size-luminosity relation -- Seoul National University AGN Monitoring Project (SAMP)
Jun 09 이강환 박사(한국파스퇴르연구소) 과학으로 소통하기