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■ Introduction

The SNU Astronomy program has had astronomical public events annually from 1983 to 1997 to provide more opportunities to learn astronomy for those who have interests in this area. To improve this event, we are having the event 6 times a year at present and before we has had it once a month since 1998. It is hoped that the public event would have better understanding about stars and the universe through the event.

■ The schedule of the events in 2016

Times Itinerary Participants Notes
1st 27th of Mar(Fri)(19:00~21:30) More than a middle school student Close
special event

4th of Apr(Fri)(19:00~21:30)

Observing total eclipse of the moon

No limitation Close
2nd 29th of May(Fri) (19:00~21:30) More than a middle school student Close

 26th of June(Fri)(19:00~21:30) 

More than a middle school student Close

18th of Sep.(Fri)(19:00~21:30) 

More than a middle school student

5th 23th of Oct.(Fri)(19:00~21:30)  More than a middle school student Close
6th 20th of Nov.(Fri)(19:00~21:30)  More than a middle school student Close

■ Program

  • - Introduction of astronomy program
  • - Special lecture
  • - Lecture of constellation
  • - Touring the facilities of astronomical observatory
  • - Night observation

■ Joining Guides

- It is not acceptable for reapplication to give the opportunity for the different people.
(If you participated 1st event, it is possible to join from 3rd.)
- It is not acceptable the group reservation which is more than 10 people.
- It is possible to change to different way such as indoors activity or lectures in accordance with the weather of the day.

■ How to apply

- The event reservation is possible from just the next day after the last month event to the day before of the event.
(ex : the event reservation of 26th of Apr(Fri) is possible from 23th of march(sat) 00:00 to 25th of April(Thr) 00:00)
- E-mail applying is only available, please send the applications in the right format below.
Download : application.txt
(the person in charge : )
- Please write the information of your parents if you are coming with them.
- If the application process is completed, you can check the confirmation e-mail.

■ Directions

1. Please walk straight from the Nakseongdae station(line no.2) exit 4 to gas station and turn left, You will be able to find the bus stop in front of bakery shop (Jean Boulangerie)
2. Please get off at genetic engineering laboratory (8th stop) by taking the bus Gwanak 02.
3. After getting off the bus you can find the sign the optical astronomical observatory NO. 2 where is just right next to the waterfall.

If you are coming from the Seouldaeipgu station, the time will be take more than usual. Hence, please take the bus from the Nakseongdae station (line no.2).